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In ancient times this area was known as Awa Province, or Boshu, and at the southern peninsula was a small, picturesque seaside fishing village that attracted many artists and poets. The town had numerous traditional storehouses built by fish merchants, and although no one knows when, it began to be known as "Chikura," or "one thousand storehouses." The town also attracted many travelers. In time, the area was renamed "Minami (Southern) Boso" and became widely known for its nature—flowers and the ocean. It developed into a paradise for the healing properties of its hot springs and superb food.

Western-style room

Western-style room

Western/Japanese-style room

Japanese-style room

Designed by Shigeru Uchida

Guest room with private open-air bath

These rooms and open-air baths were designed by a master of the design world. The space arranges modern elements amongst a Japanese ambience and offers a view of the ocean from the private open-air bath.

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An exquisite Japanese ambience


With the grace of a traditional ryokan, the room is set above the flowing Kawajiri River and the terrace feels like it is set just on the bank. As you watch the fish swimming below you can hear the sound of the stream and enjoy the slow passage of time.



Architectural beauty based on traditional Japanese construction. Chikurakan's standard room incorporates modern essences into a relaxing traditional space. This casual guest room is both compact and functional. Use it to plan your stay and travel exactly as you like.